Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse

There a ton of different total cleanse methods out there, and there are equal amounts of various cleansing products and different methodologies to essentially achieving the same goal and it can be a little confusing sometimes which one is the most effective. And that’s really because while there are certain routines and methods that are technically more effective it really comes down to what you feel comfortable doing it the end of the day.

My favorite type of cleansing method is simply doing the juice cleanse, this is also known as a juice fast. I have a much more detailed set of articles on this website that go into the very specifics of how, when, and why you do choose cleansing, but in this article I’ll basically be going over why in general a juice cleanse is one of the best ways of not only cleaning out your body but improving your overall health and bodily function.

A juice cleanse can generally comprise of either vegetable juice or fruit juice, I tend to find and often advocate as well that people use both kinds of juices but that they lean towards the vegetable juice side of the scale. This is primarily due to the fact that the vegetable juice has much lower sugar content overall and as such is much healthier for your body and greater doses than fruit juice would be.

The reason I advocate using fruit juice as well is because many people simply find the taste of many vegetable juices, especially vegetable juice blends, to be too unpalatable and that mixing the vegetable juice along with a fruit juice like apple juice or pear juice tends to mask the flavor of the vegetables much more and make the juice much more pleasant to the taste buds. Vegetable juices tend to act as the nurturers, while fruit juices tend act as the cleansers, so by doing both you get the benefits of both types of produce while also making the juice that you’re going to be drinking on a regular basis for your juice cleansing diet much more palatable.

The core reason why a juice colon cleanse is the most potent type of cleanse is because there is no fiber and because while doing the juice cleansing whether its a lemon juice cleanse or any other type,you’re not eating any solid food for a few days, and its this food and fiber that can sometimes get in the way of nutrient absorption. So as a result all of the juice nutrients that would normally pass rate for your system or simply not get absorbed all a way become much more bioavailable to your colon and those more available to your whole body.

I generally always advise using a juicer and juicing your own vegetable juice and fruit juice, as this kind of juice is a “live” juice with active enzymes and more bioavailable nutrients than thus much more nutritionally beneficial. But if you’re unable to do juicing yourself, be sure to always use pure organic and on concentrated vegetable and fruit juices when bought from the store, and always make sure to put a preference in glass bottle packaging over plastic bottles to avoid plastic leaching and worsened taste.

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