Bowel Cleansing Green Smoothie

Bowel Cleansing Green Smoothie

Cleansing can sometimes be a chore or very unpleasant especially for the uninitiated, this can either be because it’s too expensive, too complicated, or simply too time consuming and impractical. I would say that the most common reason beyond the cost of a total cleanse product or the cost of produce and appliances would be simply the fact that it’s just too time-consuming.

Bowel cleansing is difficult enough without having to take all day and this is why I advise creating fruit smoothies with added greens so that you can get all of your fiber and nutrients but also get it done within a very quick amount of time and with relative ease. My favorite kind of fruit smoothie is a bowel cleansing green smoothie, these types of smoothies are great because not only do you get all the fiber and nutrients from the fruit but you get the added benefits of the greens that you add on top of it to make it a supercharged colon cleansing smoothie.

A bowel cleansing green smoothie can be made with really any type of produce that you want but I generally advise using certain families of produce. Having said this though, I always advise switching it up every week and using different types of produce so that you can get all the different nutrients available to you instead of sticking with just a few types of fruits and greens, not only will this help with optimal nutrition intake but also keep the different flavors and tastes fresh as well. This is important because your body was made to have different kinds of foods ingested so that you could benefit from all the different micronutrients that are specific to each type of produce. This is important because using a wide variety of different produce allows for a synergistic effect and increases the overall potency of the bowel cleansing green smoothie and gives you a better bang for the buck nutritionally speaking.

Generally the types of produce that I advise using nearly with every smoothie are anything from the berry family because of how nutritionally dense they are and also because of how low-calorie they are as well. Some of the berries that I use are wild blueberries, aronia berries, strawberries, elderberries, and black raspberries to name a few. Always go with the most dark and richly colored produce as they often are the most nutritionally dense. Some of the greens that I recommend picking include spinach, kale, chard, and wheat grass. To make things easy and convenient for you I recommend freezing all of your produce so that it’s available whenever you want and will in turn makes smoothie making very convenient and practical which in turn means it’ll be the most useful to you.

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