Green Smoothie for Detox

Green Smoothie for Detox

A green smoothie for detox purposes can be a really effective means of cleaning out your colon, removing toxins, poisons, chemicals, and other invasive and harmful agents from your body. The reason why these types of smoothies are so effective for cleansing your colon and detoxing your body is because all of the active enzymes working in concert with the vitamins and nutrients that your body craves being delivered by all the blended fruits and greens in the green smoothie. This is rather difficult to do if you just cannot go this movie from a juice bar which generally filled with lots of additional sugars in fruit juice fillers with very little actual fruit unless specially requested and even then you can’t be certain that the produces organic and of high quality so making your own green smoothie for detox reasons is the best way to go.

I generally advise going with any organic produce whether it’s frozen or picked locally from the farm or even a store. This is because organic produce generally does not have the exposure to pesticides and chemicals that traditionally grown produce does and is better for a total cleanse as a result.

This is especially important when you’re creating smoothies for your health as you do not want to be exposing your liver and other vital organs that are needed to detox your body to harmful agents like chemicals, pesticides, and hormones to name a few. Also when you do get your produce it buys using high-quality veggie wash to remove the dirt, wax, and other transient chemicals and byproducts that it may have been exposed to during its transit from the farm to your mouth. You can find these vegetable washes at any health food store or grocery store that supports organic produce like old foods.

The type of green smoothie for detox I would create would simply be the one I can afford to make on a daily basis. This would include using berries and fruits that are common and cheap but also very healthy such as blueberries, raspberries, bananas, apples, melons and other similar fruits. As for the type of greens that I would add, my personal favorites are kale, spinach, rainbow chard, parsley, bok choy leaves, and red kale. Be sure to wash these as well very thoroughly as there was in E.

coli bacteria outbreak just from spinach alone, so while I wholeheartedly recommend you do consume spinach in your greens movies you need to be careful that it’s thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. I recommend using a high powered blender to create your greens movies like the blendtec total blender or vita-mix blender that you can find most affordably on websites like Amazon and health-food websites. Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations of greens movies to see which ones suit your tastes best. Because the only green smoothie for detox program you’re going to continually do is one that has a smoothie that appeals to your tastes.

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