Green Smoothie Kidney Cleanse

Green Smoothie Kidney Cleanse

Kidneys are vital to keeping our proper internal electrolyte balance and helping to remove waste through urine. I have to start out by saying that one of the key aspects to keeping your kidneys in good condition beyond a good diet and regular exercise is through regular intake of high quality and large amounts of purified and filtered water. This should be done regardless of any kind of total cleanse routine you might be doing whether it’s through green smoothie kidney cleanse works through a juicing kidney cleanse. You don’t want to rely on the green smoothies or juices alone because while they do contain water your kidneys need to have pure water as well. Having said all that, the green smoothie kidney cleanse can be a great way of not only detoxing your kidneys but your whole body as well.

When you’re doing a green smoothie kidney cleanse you have to be a little bit more selective about the types of produce that you choose to put in your green smoothie. I say this because as I mentioned before having high water content is important to making sure the kidneys are able to stay hydrated and also remove excess waste from your body so naturally using produce that has high water content would be ideal for this type of kidney cleanse. I have to stress that I only advise using organic produce especially when it’s being used for this type of reason and not just for snacking and enjoyment. He wants to make sure that not only is your produce organic regardless of whether it is frozen or local but you also want to make sure that you wash it far away with a high quality veggie wash. You don’t want to go blending in germs and pesticides in produce wax after all.

The amounts of produce that you use and sometimes even the types are really up to you this is just a general guideline of what I consider to be the best produce for cleansing your kidneys. If you are able instead of using water I advise you their juicing cucumbers or celery, or even both if you’re able and using that as your water base for blending as these are both very good for the kidneys. Although really any produce is ok, I advise using lots of melon like watermelon along with grapes, cranberries, and wild blueberries.

These are all nutritionally dense and have plenty of water, I do know over recommend that you stay away from citrus produce due to the high acidity. As for the greens that you want to add I advise using spirulina, spinach, barley, parsley, and wheat grass. You can also add some ginger and nettles as well if you like. Stir consuming these everyday on a regular basis for release 3 to 7 days and you’ll start to feel a difference, but if you really want to be effective I recommend doing one or two of these continually for month or two every few days after you do it for the first week.

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