Colon Cleansing Smoothies

Colon Cleansing Smoothies

One of the greatest ways to total cleanse your body is through the use of colon cleansing smoothies. These types of smoothies can come in all sorts of different forms, tastes, colors and consistencies. Colon cleansing smoothies are generally done with two different types of smoothies, one of these types is a simple fruit smoothie made from your favorite frozen produce or local fresh produce.

The other kind of smoothie that’s great for colon cleansing is what’s known as the green smoothie, this kind of smoothie is essentially a fruit smoothie with additional greens like spinach or kale. Both smoothies have their place and can both be effective while colon cleansing. If you really want to cover ground I suggest doing both types of smoothies and seeing which ones work best for you, you may find you like both.

The first kind of smoothie that I’ll address is a simple fruit smoothie which can be done with any number of different produce. I do love or feel they are certain types of fruits that give you more bang for your buck than others might. My personal favorite fruits for making colon cleansing smoothies are primarily with different types of berries and a banana or two to add thickness and potassium.

The types of berries advise using our Aronia berries, elderberries, wild blueberries, acai berries, and raspberries for extra fiber. Fruits in general naturally act as a cleanser and detoxifying agent, these types of smoothies are great to have any time and give you a much-needed boost of fiber, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and enzymes that will really allow your body to stay in peak shape and also keep your colon and digestive system moving in a healthy manner.

Another type of colon cleansing smoothie is the one I mentioned earlier, these are recent trend and have lovingly become known as “green smoothies”. As I said before what makes these green is that they are essentially fruit smoothies with additional greens added to them. While plenty of people enjoy drinking a sweet and satisfying fruit smoothie many would not like the idea of drinking leafy greens just as much as they generally don’t like eating them whole.

The benefit of blending them within a fruit smoothie however is that all the fruit sugars mask the taste of the greens and so you end up getting all the benefits of greens like kale, spinach, chard and other types of greens without having to feel like you are a rabbit chewing on salad. You also get the added benefit of increased nutrition over a regular smoothie plus you get a large amount of additional fiber which is key to keeping your colon cleansed.

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