Green Smoothie Benefits

Green Smoothie Benefits

Green smoothies have a lot of different benefits that they are both widely known for and not so known for, but both are equally important to your overall health, whether you are doing a total cleanse, or you are just trying to maintain what you have achieved, or simply trying to live healthier in general.

Juicing can be a real hassle with even the most simple of designed juicing models, all of the cleaning and prep work to get your juicer and your produce ready isn’t always practical for many of us who are on a busy schedule and just need something filling, nutritious, and convenient. The right blender can blend your smoothie with minutes or even seconds and can be cleaned within a minute or two as well, so making smoothies may be in your best interest.

Now for what kind of smoothie, well I suggest making what is commonly known as the “green smoothie”. Green smoothie benefits are numerous, but one of the things that set them apart from normal fruit smoothies is the fact that you can add greens to them and make all sorts of green smoothie recipes. You can go with any kind of green you like, but I advise starting out with spinach, kale, or some kind of chard, with a powerful blender these greens will blend consistently along with the fruits and you’ll never taste they are there.

This is because the fruit sugars mask the favor, so green smoothies have the added benefit of giving you your daily does of leafy greens in a more easily digestible and tastier way. What makes these “green smoothies” green is all the added chlorophyll that is coming from the leafy greens which is very good for you, and something most people are severely lacking. These will often either create green or a darker colored smoothie in general.

One of the other green smoothie benefits is the sheer amount of nutrition you getting for your dollar. Unlike juicing where you’re removing the fiber blended keeps the entire of the fruit or vegetable while allowing it still be processed into a more digestible form. That makes these green smoothies one of the best ways to get most of the daily fiber that’s required for optimum health, and they keep you colon moving along at a natural and healthy pace. Plus these smoothies come packed with all sorts of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and enzymes, that along with the fiber will help keep you satisfied all day if taken as a midday meal or treat, and especially at breakfast, so give the green smoothie diet a chance, i think you’ll enjoy it!

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