Colon Cleansing Herbs

Colon Cleansing Herbs

There are variety of different colon cleansing products out there and I definitely recommend that people try different ones that are available to them if they are comfortable doing it themselves. This is particularly the case if they intend to use any sort of herbal supplementation in addition to simply juicing or juice fasting.

Colon cleansing herbs can be abused or mishandled simply by the unaware who decide to take herbs that may interact or complicate prescriptions or specific diseases and Elvis is that they may be dealing with. So I must seriously advise that anyone who’s taking any type of medication or even something that’s over-the-counter regularly to consult their doctor or other medical professional before doing any colon cleansing with herbs that has high-levels of herbal concentrations/potency, Doing otherwise would be incredibly irresponsible .

But for those of you who have gotten the okay from your doctor and are otherwise generally healthy and are simply trying to improve their health; natural colon cleansing herbs may be an appropriate option for you. While I couldn’t possibly list all the different herbs that can be used to handle all sorts of different cleansing situations I will list some and some of their benefits here for you.

This way you can examine the ingredient list of colon cleansing products or individual or supplements themselves and evaluate which would be appropriate for your situation. One of the most common colon cleansing herbs is flaxseed which nurtures cell membranes and helps to reduce inflammation. Another total cleanse herb is known as psyllium husk which acts as a natural source of fiber which helps to strengthen the lining of the intestinal track and improve digestion.

Licorice root has often been used to detoxify the blood and liver and help remove poisons and toxins as well as reduce inflammation and pain. Fennel seeds have become known for being one of the best herbs for colon cleansing because they strengthen digestion as well as freshen the breath, relieve lower nominal pain, and reduce gas.

Always keep in mind that trying to self medicate with any kind of colon cleansing herb or multiple herbs can become a daunting task and can also be extremely costly when you try to put together a system for yourself so that may benefit you to look at products are already made to do with the particular situation. If you’re unsure of a particular ingredient I advise looking online for what it does and whether it would be appropriate for you, always be an informed consumer special and it comes to your health.

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