Celery Cleanse

Celery Cleanse

There all sorts of different cleansing products and supplements out there to choose from and I definitely advise taking a look at some of the different products that are offered but there are other solutions as well and I advise trying both. One of the ways in which I have really been able to heal my own body and achieve a total cleanse is through the use of vegetable and fruit juicing.

I only use organic produce and I make sure that all the toxins, poisons, and pesticides are removed with a proper vegetable wash ahead of time before juicing because you’re concentrating everything and you don’t want to concentrate pesticides and poisons. One of the more effective types of vegetables that I’ve used is the celery, the celery cleanse when done with other vegetable juice cleansing can be really effective at removing excess weight as well as acting as an effective diuretic through the removal of excess water.

If you do a celery cleanse, I advise getting the entire stalk end the leaves attached to it because quite a bit of the nutrition is as usual in the leaves themselves. This awesome vegetable has a lot of nutritional value, for example the celery leaves themselves have very high levels of vitamin A. This stems or stocks as they are otherwise known are also nutritionally dense as well; they are a fantastic source of B.

vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, B6, as well as a healthy dose of vitamin C too. The reason these are so valuable for cleansing is because if you decide to juice celery your releasing all the nutrients from the fiber or if you choose to blend the celery are getting the benefit of the fiber as well by allowing your: to pass waste more efficiently so it’s a win-win situation. Another fantastic plus to doing a celery cleanse is that for those of you who are sensitive to sodium, the natural organic sodium or salt that is contained within celery is extremely safe to eat or consume and is in fact a vital to the body, this is good news for those who are salt sensitive and it is one of the reasons why it’s a great veggie for those with high blood pressure.

The other health benefits to doing a celery juice cleanse on a regular basis along with other vegetables is that it helps to not only clean the colon physically but also provides other benefits to the body as well such as; the prevention in formation of various colon and stomach cancers, lowering blood pressure, acting as a diuretic to flush excess water and waste, lower LDL cholesterol, improve kidney function, reduce inflammation, and help with the acidity and pH balance of the body.

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