Liver Cleansing with Beet Juice

Liver Cleansing with Beet Juice

A lot of people don’t realize that it is not the total cleanse routine or detox program that is used that does the vast majority of the cleaning but it is in fact the liver. Most folks do not know that a detox or cleanse of any type is really just a means of facilitating the body’s own capability to clean, repair and detox itself back into better health. We are still learning about the thousands, yes THOUSANDS, of different functions and cleansing jobs this wonder organ has to perform on a constant basis.

Problems arise when people abuse their bodies to a point where the liver simply cannot regenerate itself anymore because it is simply too overloaded with toxins, fat, and poisons to help repair itself, this where a liver cleanse cleansing routine comes in. And one of the best methods of helping to support is to do liver cleansing with beet juice.

I’m not going to bog down people in this article with too much medical detail as to why this particular vegetable juice is so potent, but suffice it to say that fruits and vegetables that are red, especially dark crimson red, are generally very good at reducing blood pressure, increasing much needed heart specific minerals like iron, and they also help to often reduce bad cholesterol as well.

Beets along with beet juice as well helps to facilitate more efficient waste removal as well, which helps to keep food and also toxins moving along to be sent out of the body, this can only serve to help the liver because the liver is what cleanses the BLOOD which passes through the heart to be pumped throughout the body, so this juice supports both organs at the same time.

The additional benefits that liver cleansing with beet juice provides are numerous and they include stimulating and helping the liver to remove excess bile’s and toxins as well as supporting the gallbladder which effectively turns it into a liver and gallbladder cleanse. Beet juice also supports the liver to fight off jaundice, food poisonings, hepatitis, and irregular bowel issues like diarrhea.

A good basic beet juice cleanse, would be to keep food light and preferably “Raw” and wholesome. Make sure you drink a fresh glass of juiced beetroot juice once with breakfast, another time with your midday meal if possible and once with or right after your evening meal. Be sure to only juice cleaned and organic or locally grown beets, and do not forget to drink plenty of purified water as that is critical to cleanse the liver and make the beet juice work efficiently.

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