A Beet Juice Detox May Be Just what the Doctor Ordered

A Beet Juice Detox May Be Just what the Doctor Ordered

There are a lot of different types of detox programs out there, many use a ton of different exotic fruits and vegetables either because it may sell a product, or give the appearance of a more potent or exotic flavor to a total cleanse product or regimen. While these fruits and vegetables in their most natural form do in fact carry great benefits and nutritional density, they are often too difficult to find raw or fresh, and even rarer to find in organic and untainted states. Having said all that, it may simply be better to use everyday vegetables and fruits for our juice detox plans and needs.

Consider the lowly beet for a moment, it’s cheap, it can be grown in most climates, and you can find it at reasonable prices while staying local and organic. While eating beets is plenty healthful, most will not do this either because you would have to eat too many to gain the benefits or because it simply is unpalatable to most people’s tastes, especially these days. A great solution to this is to Juice, Juicing beets alone to make a cleansing beet juice concoction in and of itself is very potent in helping to clean out the liver and kidneys, thus detoxing your blood. However straight beet juice can upset peoples stomach’s sometimes, so I always advise mixing this beetroot juice with either carrot or cucumber, and if possible both, the added nutrients of the other veggies will synergistically work together with the beet nutrients and enzymes and make everything much more potent then taken by themselves.

Some Beet Juice benefits are that it contains high amounts of Iron which is often lacking in many diets especially vegetarians and vegans as meat eaters often get plenty through meat products which have a tendency to have more bioavailable iron. It is a general rule of thumb that red veggies and fruits are good for the heart in particular, so it’s really easy to remember when shopping, RED=good for the heart, so eat up!

If you don’t have access to a Juicer, I recommend checking out various detox programs and seeing what they offer, but you can also purchase not from concentrate beet juice in organic quality from health food stores. Keep in mind these are typically imports from places like Norway, and are not local, so these bottled drinks won’t have live active enzymes as they have to be pasteurized for safety and storage, and are thus much less effective, hence a detox program may be more appropriate.

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