Beet Juice Cleanse – Reasons why this veggie Juice is pivotal to a colon cleanse

Beet Juice Cleanse – Reasons why this veggie Juice is pivotal to a colon cleanse

In my opinion, next to the mighty carrot the beet root is one of the most potent, and important veggie juices to have regularly, let alone during a total cleanse. When people are performing a body cleanse detox or juice fasting they often have severe iron deficiencies and as such, a beet

juice detox would be a great solution because simply eating healthy foods isn’t always enough, and beet juice allows for a very beneficial dose of much needed iron into the blood. This wonderful little root contains phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium, vitamins A and C, niacin, biotin, and folic acid which is fantastic for pregnant moms as it could lower the risk of diseases such as spina bifida and other neural tube defects that can be found in newborn’s.

Beet root also has something which is great in the detoxifying process which is called glycine betaine which is a chemical compound discovered first in the sugar beets in the 19th century. This chemical is known to act as a stimulating agent for liver cells (the most important organ in your body’s ability to detox. It also protects the bile ducts and liver in general. Coronary and cerebral arterial diseases have been shown to be greatly reduced and sometimes prevented by this compound by recent studies.

Along with carrot juice these two juices together make a potent combination for liver health, and if taken daily together or with other juices can make the detox process much more efficient as your liver is in much better condition to help do the cleansing! You wouldn’t want to use run down and broken tools to fix something, neither would you want a run down, overworked, and diseased liver to do your bodily cleansing. A Healthy liver equals a longer life and VASTLY more efficient total cleanse.

Remember, red colored veggies are typically good for the blood and that’s the channel through which so many of these toxins travel, and beets are some of the deepest pigments of red you can find in a veggie. This is so much so, it often stains the skin when cut open so you know this wonderful vegetable is chock full of nutrients and enzymes. If this isn’t enough reason to include beets in your regular juicing and body detoxification routine consider this last fact.

During some early research in Hungary, Heinerman is reporting that Alexander Ferenczi, M.D., observed beets aiding cancer patients and he also performed studies that gave indications that beets could help animals fight various cancers as well. So next time you juice be sure to include some beet root in your beverage, your liver will thank you.

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