Cleansing Foods and Diuretics

Cleansing Foods and Diuretics

A lot of different folks who stays are suffering from excessive water retention and bloating due to all the processed foods and beverages that we eat on a day-to-day basis. These foods contains the homes of salt and sodium as well as high levels of fat and other processed chemicals which tend make the body retain water due to the fact that it’s getting way more of these nutrients than it needs, this is a natural reaction.

The goal of using body cleansing foods and diuretics is to help promote a total cleanse with the flushing and removal of excess waste and toxins in the form of urea or urination so that you can have balance levels of flu is within your body once again. Many people go for prescriptions to deal with this issue but there are plenty of colon cleansing foods and diuretics that can naturally have this diuretic effect and also give you the benefit of additional nutrition and detoxification.

I generally advise going with natural foods that tend to have high levels of water content, some of the more common produced types that have extremely high loads of water would be various melons like watermelon for example. A very good and effective diuretic vegetable is the cucumber which is 90% water and is exactly the kind of veggie that you want to have when you’re doing any type of diuretic cleanse.

PC vegetables alone help to promote urination within the body which therefore allows for increased toxin removal, cucumbers in particular are very healthy because they contain rich amounts of silicon and sulfur. These two minerals are vital for the kidneys, which in turn are stimulated to better remove all the uric acid. Their other types of vegetables to that I advice taking, to other types of veggies that I recommend as natural diuretic foods are artichokes and watercress.

By your options don’t stop there, give tons of other choices in terms of produce in the whole raw foods that can help support waste removal in dire edit functionality within your body. A very effective vegetable is the asparagus, this vegetable contains asparagines which are chemical’s that I’ll call it and help to boost kidney performance overall which in turn of course helps with overall waste removal.

Brussels sprouts as well help to stimulate the kidneys as well as the pancreas and improve the efficiency of your cleansing cells. You can also go with whole-grain oats as they contain natural silica which is also considered a diuretic. There are tons of other options as well in the list them out here; lettuce, carrots, cabbage, beets, tomatoes, as well as lettuce.

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