Does Acai Juice Cleanse Liver?

Does Acai Juice Cleanse Liver?

Acai berry has gained a lot of acclaim since it was first introduced to the American public and Western society in general in the earlier part of this decade. This is for good reason to, because this particular type of berry is one of the most nutritionally dense and antioxidant rich fruits on the planet. As a result, this exotic fruit has been heavily marketed in the form of smoothies, supplements, cleansing programs, and juices as well. While there is very little scientific evidence to suggest that these are any more nutritionally beneficial than more commonly consumed berries, nonetheless because of its popularity I feel it’s necessary to address it acai berry in one of its most popular forms and that’s in the juice form.

The liver is our main detoxifying organ, and because of this a lot of people want to consume different juices and other products to help support and total cleanse this vital organ so it can then do its job as well. For a while the super fruit juice that was touted to do this with pomegranate and while also extremely healthy, it has been commercially superseded by the acai juice. So does a side juice cleanse the liver? No more so than any other fruit or vegetable, however when used in conjunction with other beneficial fruits and vegetable juices it can help synergistically improve the overall blend of juice that you’re taking in improve the potency of the vegetable were juice that you’re taking to cleanse your liver.

The acai berry comes in a lot of different forms, but if you would prefer to stick to a liquor juice form I advise getting the liquid purée which, although not a complete liquid, is also not a solid or a powdered supplement which I believe are inferior forms of acai. And seeing as we cannot actually get the berries themselves because of how perishable they are this might be the best way of getting a side juice into your other juices so that you can help give your liver the nutrition it needs. So does a side juice cleanse liver? That depends on what you consider to be “juice”, while a side juice is not cleanse the liver by itself adding the purée to hear more well established cleansing juices may be an excellent way to get some of the acai berry’s benefits in a form that is most likely to benefit your liver.

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