Introduction to Green Smoothies

Introduction to Green Smoothies

With the advent of high powered blenders and a more health conscious society the idea of making smoothies at home instead of paying the very expensive prices for smoothie bar smoothies and juices has become quite popular. An even newer trend is the wonderful creation of what many call green smoothies, these little wonder elixirs allow for ALL the beneficial ingredients that make up the fruit and leafy greens to be consumed whole and as a result, are one of the best sources of natural fat burning foods.

There is a debate within the health community whether a person should juice or blend and I’ve struggled with that question too when I started out. The answer I came to was both had their place and if you can do both regularly if not daily you’ll get the benefits from each wonderful source of vitamins and nutrients. In future articles ill detail the differences both subtle and obvious between blending and juicing but for now I’ll extol the virtues of smoothies, particularly, green smoothies, and how they too allow for a Total Cleanse and detoxify the body.

First and foremost and it’s something I’ll likely get into in a separate article because there’s so much to praise about it, the best blender for blending is the Total Blender by BlendTec. This appliance as of this writing is about 400$ but is worth every penny as it makes the smoothies effortlessly, is an easy cleanup, and is very durable.

Fruits if juiced too much can be too much sugar for the body to take in one shot and can be very detrimental to one’s health if done regularly due to said sugar, but at the same time you want to mask the often times unpleasant taste of the low sugar veggie juice. In this case you want to make a smoothie instead, this allows for the full nutritional value of berries and other fruits to be consumed while also incorporating lots of leafy greens like wheatgrass (which are not technically veggies) that can be mixed with anything (unlike actual veggies including starches like carrots or other types as well which have a tendency not to play nice when digested at the same time with fruits as a whole food albeit blended food). These are famously known as the green smoothies and there are many great recipes out there ill detail in another article. These taste amazing as well just for a healthy treat.

One of the greatest benefits of any smoothie but particularly green smoothies is due to the fiber content (very dense in leafy greens) which regulates all the sugar in the blended fruit that ends up missing in the juiced drinks. This fiber also helps in digestion and getting your regular does of 25-30 grams of fiber per day, which in turn can also help boost your overall fat burning capabilities by speeding up your metabolism. As a result, it is really one one of the best natural weight loss solutions out there. Please look forward to more information on these wonderful creations and stay in good health!

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