A Green Smoothie Cleanse is an Easy and Effective Detox Method

A Green Smoothie Cleanse is an Easy and Effective Detox Method

Cleansing can be done a variety of ways, and through a variety of systems and programs. Generally cleansing is done by taking a natural laxative and flushing a large portion of the waste stuck in you colon out of your system which then allows for not only better digestion but also the absorption of nutrients you would receive through diet and cleansing agents as well. This delivery system is usually through juice, and it can either be through the process of selecting fresh fruits or vegetables and juicing them through a machine, or buying organic not from concentrate bottled juices and using that as an alternative to the preferred method of juicing.

This form of body detox or colon cleansing can sometimes be too much for certain people to take, and they may need to start out slower and build up to a juice fast or juice cleanse as it were. This alternative method is known as the green smoothie cleanse. A green smoothie cleanse is just as it sounds its mostly a mostly green fruit smoothie because you add greens to it, such as but not limited to, kale, collard greens, spinage, chard, and other dark leafy greens. Leafy greens are different form standard “vegetables” as they are considered to be a “green” or “leaf” and as such can be mixed with virtually any other kind of food.

There are no set rules for what fruits and greens you have to use, and that’s one of the green smoothie benefits, you can mix and match what feels and tastes right for you. A green smoothie recipe I generally recommend is one that consists of mostly berries as the base fruit and kale and spinage as the leafy greens. I advise using frozen fruit for a thicker consistency but fresh is always great too, blueberries, blackberries, aronia berries, and cranberries always make a great and healthy base, along with a banana or two for thickness and sweetness, you have a great fruit smoothie base to ad greens to.

The Reason this cleanse works so well is that you are getting the WHOLE food not just a fraction of it like juicing, and you also get lots of fiber often 10-20 grams or more per glass. This fiber does two things: one, like all fiber, this fiber within the smoothie helps keep you regular and allows your body to naturally do what a laxative does for you. Reason 2, the fiber slows down and evens out the absorption of sugar contained within the fruit, which unlike juice which has no fiber and can spike your blood sugar levels, which can be very dangerous for many.

If you are going to try the green smoothie cleanse, and I hope you do, because they are great to do every day, I recommend getting a high powered blender so you can really get an even consistency and so you can also really break down the fibers and unlock the nutrients contained therein. A standard blender simply won’t cut it, and you will likely ruin the blender as a result, the two models or brands I recommend are the vitamix models or my personal favorite-the total blender from blendtec. The total blender is super easy to clean, is very durable, and had automatic smoothie settings so you don’t have to guess what works, it really gets the job down and I highly recommend it.

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