Cleansing Green Smoothies

Cleansing Green Smoothies

Smoothies can be a really healthy and equally tasty alternative to all sorts of treats like ice cream, fatty and processed yogurts, jello, pudding, and many more. But wouldn’t it be great if these could provide an even bigger health impact on our bodies then what most would think to make? Well these power packed smoothies are affectionately known as the green smoothie in most health circles, and it has started to catch on in the mainstream. What makes these smoothies so much more potent than a traditional fruit smoothie is that they contain greens.

These greens can be either one or a mixture of any you like some of the most common and healthful of the bunch are greens like kale, chard, spinach, and many more. Blenders exist now that can mince these hearty leaves into a fine consistency that ends up mixing within a fruit smoothie, and the natural sugars from the fruits end up covering up the taste of the greens, so it’s a win-win recipe.

Another great function of these cleansing green smoothies is their ability to help cleanse the colon. The primary reason these act as great colon cleansers is because fruits are naturally very cleansing to begin with but also beyond the high fiber content of the whole blended fruit itself, you get the added boost of fiber made by the addition of greens to your smoothies. This incredibly high fiber content provided you have multiple servings can nearly complete and sometimes exceed your total daily recommended serving for fiber! This is amazing to get in a tasty sweet treat! This fiber is going to allow your body to naturally push through clogged fecal matter and after regular use every day and keep your bowel movements regular and efficient.

These cleansing green smoothies can be made every single day, and if you buy the right blender, you’ll find they are incredibly easy to make, affordable to do, and easy to clean up. I personally recommend the total blender from blendtec, its pricey at around 400$ as of this writing, but it is very much worth it, this is the same blender used in juice shops like jamba juice, its industrial quality. This blender is the most powerful on the market, and its super easy to clean, myself and my friends all enjoy it because of how quick it is to clean, just squeeze a few drops of soap, pulse the blender and rinse and your done! This will make it so blending doesn’t feel like a chore every day, but something you look forward to, so here’s to your health!

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