Fruit Smoothies and Colon Cleanse

Fruit Smoothies and Colon Cleanse

Fruit smoothies and colon cleanse routines go hand-in-hand, and although I generally recommend doing any sort of variety of smoothie with a variety of fruits, there are certain combinations and certain fruits that are head of the pack in terms of being able to provide a colon cleanse. One thing to keep in mind is that you can use either frozen fruit or fresh fruit, frozen fruit has a tendency to make a thicker and colder smoothly, while fresh fruit tends to be a little bit less static and requires additional ice if the person making the smoothie wants it to be a bit colder. I also like to add, that recently the FDA has said that frozen produce retains all the same nutritional value as fresh produce and may even do so for a longer period of time, so you don’t have access to local produce fresh produce feel free to buy frozen or ordered frozen.

One of the biggest reasons why fruit smoothies and colon cleanse programs goes so well together is primarily due to a few different factors. The first is that smoothies are very easy to do, this is because they’re really easy to clean up and are quick to make, plus people are more likely to do them and are more likely to cleanse their colons. The next reason is because of how filling they are, the primary reason these are so filling especially compared to juicing, is because the smoothies contain lots of natural fiber.

This naturally occurring fiber not only fills you up, but it allows the smoothie along with other food to pass through your colon and a much quicker and healthier pace thus allowing for an all-day cleanse. The third reason is because you’re filling the vast majority of your daily needs for fruits and vegetables, not only that but you’re doing it with nutritionally dense food instead of buying bottled and watered down the smoothies from the store.

Be advised that when making a smoothie or multiple fruit smoothies, that regardless of whether you bought frozen, local, or at the grocery store that you only buy organic produce especially if it’s from a store. I advise us not because they are incredibly superior to their standard grown brethren but because they are much less likely to have been exposed to pesticides and poisons.

Having said that, make sure you thoroughly wash your produce before turning into a fruit smoothie or any type of total cleanse; this is because there still may be wax and dirt on the produce and the other reason is because people still handle this produce and store, lots of people in fact. So to avoid getting any diseases, illnesses, or contaminants that may have come from customers and employees please be sure to not only wash your own hands to wash the produce with a good vegetable and fruit wash which you should be able to find any health food store or online.

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